composition and sound design

I've been lucky enough to be asked to lend my music to these amazing projects. An honour and and pleasure to work alongside these other creative talents and telling these amazing stories. 



Queensland Theatre asked me to come up to Brisbane and be the Composer and Sound Designer for this ambitious take on An Octoroon. Was a hilarious and powerful play which resulted in Colin Smith winning Best Male Actor in a Leading Role at the Matilda Awards.

Limelight Magazine - 4 Stars

Daily Review - 4 Stars

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Sarah Ogden and Colin Smith_An Octaroon_1.jpg

Blood on the dance floor

I was asked by writer/performer Jacob Boheme and Director Isaac Drandich to compose the sound design for this piece. This went on to receive 6 Green Room award nominations including a nomination for Best Sound Design and took out the award for Best Independent Production. It also received 4 1/2 Stars in the Age and was well received at the 2017 Sydney Festival. More about BOTDF here.

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Director Eva Grace asked me to compose the music for Coranderrk. I tried to keep the music in the late 19th century when the play is set and limited the instrumentation to 4 instruments to match the 4 actors on stage. An honour to be a part of the telling of this story. More about the Coranderrk tour here.

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sand song

I was asked to help extend the work which was initially composed by Aunty Lou Bennett. The piece has since been performed in Shanghai and Okinawa and has other plans for international performances. It is a performance for children and I would like to think I kept it quite light to cater for this. More about Sand Song here.

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An honour to be asked to be musical director and facilitate the writing of music by people of the Kulin Nations to perform Tanderrum as part of the opening of the Melbourne Festival. A balance of ceremony and performance, my role was that of filing in the gaps of groups to have their people's stories represented in song in a danceable format.  I held this role for the first 3 years of Tanderrum opening the Melbourne Festival in '13, '14 and '15. More about Tanderrum here.

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Photo by Peter Berg -

Photo by Peter Berg -

Still Here

White Night commissioned me to write a piece of music with Emma Donovan to go along with the images of Josh Muir in conjunction with Ample Projects. It was an amazing canvas and a lot of fun to work on. A slight challenge to work with 10 separate channels to pan sounds across, but a welcome challenge.

The sound isn't so great on the amateur video, but you can watch here. -

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